Why are our cakes so good?

  Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, graduation cakes we will have the perfect cake for you! 



Some people may say “a cake is a cake”, others on the other hand will recognise that cakes can be worlds apart in terms of quality.


The mass produced cakes often can make an occasion feel dull and mainstream.


However an exciting cake, a cake that’s obviously had skill applied to it’s creation, well that can set the tone of any occasion within Cardiff.


Scrumptons makes cakes for birthdays, corporate bashes and every type of celebration within Wales.


So whether you are throwing a birthday bash, or thinking about buying a graduation cake, always think Scrumptons.


Unique designs


Scrumptons research cakes design down to the most minuscule of details.


This effort may go largely unnoticed, but at Scrumptons we believe detail is what separates us from the crowd.


So at a birthday party you may want a birthday cake that is simply impressive. Also at a corporate function you may want a cake that is a talking point, we can make this happen.


Our cakes are researched, sculpted, and baked to absolute perfection within Cardiff.


We have passion for well designed and tasty cakes


Making cakes at Scrumptons is truly a passion. We go to great lengths to make sure we bring you the most up to date designs that we can find.


Whether that be a Frozen birthday cake or a Harry Potter cake, we will have the perfect celebration cake for you.


We make all our cakes with great passion and skill, this is telling in the design and also in the quality of the ingredients.


Master bakers

When it comes to ordering a high quality birthday cake you will want a baker who has the necessary skills to offer a highly detailed cake.


We have huge amounts of cake making talent in Cardiff at our disposal, we therefore make cakes which are of outstanding quality.


We take the time to get it right


If it’s not perfect then quite simply it doesn’t make it for sale. We therefore offer only the highest quality cakes.


We research cake designs, and many do not make it into final production. Therefore our birthday cakes and other celebration cakes have large amounts of time spent over making them as detailed as possible.


We therefore only make the finest of birthday cakes.


Why our cakes take centre stage


Our cakes take centre stage at any occasion, whether that be at a birthday party or a corporate function.


Therefore our cakes are selected in Cardiff because they will become the focal point of any occasion.



Did we mention we offer free local delivery?


We offer free delivery for all our cakes within Cardiff. This means that if you need a cake delivered to an office or home then no problem.


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