We are Liberating Cardiff from boring birthday cakes!

  Birthday cakes Cardiff


We have all experienced this situation, that’s when it’s the day of an important birthday celebration and we have left buying the birthday cakes right up until the very last moment.


This can only mean one thing, a frantic dash to the local shop, swiftly followed by a run around the shop like you’re a participant of supermarket sweep!   


When you do finally rock up at the birthday cake section you may then quickly discover the birthday cake options can lack variety.  


Thankfully Scrumptons can come to your rescue! We can offer you more quality focused options.  


We are specialists at making:


  • Birthday cakes
  • Alternative wedding cakes
  • Celebration cakes
  • Graduation cakes
  • Cakes for any type of occasion


We are liberating Cardiff from boring and what can be rather dull birthday cakes, and offering you more choice.   


Here’s a sample just to tantalise your taste buds.



  Quality birthday cakes 


We have all been to a birthday celebrations and the same types of birthday cakes have been presented again and again. This often means just a squiggly bit of icing to mark out an age and a name is placed on top of the birthday cake.


We offer however an alternative to these sorts of boring birthday cakes, we offer birthday cakes that are much more impressive. Take for example our dinosaur cakes they look like they could roar into life, or our handbag cakes also look like they could be worn on a night out!


Here’s why our Scrumptons cakes are different


  • Baked in Cardiff with love and passion    


Birthday cakes can sometimes be rather boring, that’s because they are often created in rather boring environments, like certain cake factories.


Mass produced and lacking in taste, we must ask are these really the cakes to send to a loved one?  


Scrumptons cakes are different however, all our cakes are made specially to order.


We pay careful attention to detail, this is in order to bring you outstanding detail on every cake that we make.    


You may even hear, “mum is this really a cake? It looks so real!” Well hey presto, we have created something different, dare we say it something truly memorable. 



  Boys birthday cakes


Buying a birthday cake for a boy’s birthday party often means parents are forced into one of two options. These options normally consist of a number cake, or a football cake.


The options are therefore rather limited when it comes to boy’s birthday cakes.


However we aim to overwhelm you with choice when you visit Scrumptons website.


That is why when having a gander at our site you may spot a cake that fits just what your son likes.


Perhaps it will be a Yoda cake or a car birthday cake, or just a number cake. The choice is limitless when you pick Scrumptons.


  Girls birthday cakes 



Girls will want a birthday cake that makes the day feel even more magical. The finer details of a birthday party are often what children remember the most. Our cakes are so memorable and special, that we hope that a number of year’s on from receiving our cake your child recalls our cake with a fond memories.  


So whether you pick a handbag cake, a realistic rabbit cake, or indeed a Frozen cake we will have the perfect cake that will amaze your daughter or family member this year.  


Pick our realistic birthday cakes for an extra special birthday cake this year. 



  Looking for a personalised birthday cake? 


Scrumptons ensures that when you present a birthday cake, it’s something truly special.


We also offer to deliver anywhere within Cardiff for absolutely free, so we make it easier for you to plan the other parts of the birthday celebrations.



  Birthday cakes but with a difference! 


As you can now gather our cakes are very different from the norm, so whether it’s a birthday cake that is needed for someone for an office party, or for your child’s birthday we will have the perfect cake for you.

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