Do you need a high quality cake for a corporate function?

 Corporate cakes Cardiff 



Some offices and work places can literally operate like family units. That is to say if one colleague is celebrating a special occasion then undoubtedly others will want to join in the celebration.  


Whether someone’s starting a new job, or somebody has had a promotion why not mark the occasion with a Scrumptons cake?


So if you are on the hunt for a corporate cake within Cardiff then look no further!


We have a vast range of corporate cakes, ideal for workplace birthdays, congratulations cakes and all other forms of corporate functions.  


Here’s how our corporate cakes are commonly used:


  • Birthday cakes
  • Retirement celebrations
  • Congratulations cakes for a wedding, new born child, job promotion
  • Corporate functions
  • Christmas party cakes


  Personalised corporate cakes 


When someone buys a cake last minute this can often mean the cake is not that special. That’s why so many people are purchasing high quality custom made cakes instead from us.  


Celebrating just being in business


Nothing sends out a stronger corporate message to your competitors than a corporate cake stating how long you have been in business.


Why not send the message loud and clear through one of our corporate cakes?


We offer cakes that can be personalised with a number to state how long you have been in business for.


Birthday cakes with a twist

You may have someone hitting a milestone in terms of their age at work. If you know someone celebrating an extra special birthday like their 40th birthday or 50th birthday then why not mark the occasion with one of our birthday cakes?  


The plain and rather simple white icing cakes will not do the day justice at all.


Why not therefore choose a cake that reflects the person’s personality, perhaps a cat cake, or a handbag and a champagne cake will be the right choice for you?


Rabbit or cat cakes


Cardiff is awash with animal lovers, you may know just the person within work for one of our special animal cakes. Our birthday cakes therefore make the day even more memorable.


Quite often offices across Cardiff are choosing Scrumptons rabbit or cat cakes to give to an animal lover at work.


Our cakes have realistic detailing and may look like you have brought a real pet to work!


Free delivery within Cardiff


If you are looking for a bakery which can deliver their cakes on time and delivered for free then look no further than Scrumptons.






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