Cakes for every sort of occasion

  From birthday cakes right through to graduation cakes! 


Some bakers specialise in wedding cakes, others may specialise in birthday cake designs, however Scrumptons specialise in a wide range of cakes.    


This means if you have a corporate bash coming up soon, or you are looking for children’s birthday cakes we will be sure to have the perfect solution for you.    


Shopping around for a cake that is special can be quite a difficult task. You may have tried all the normal sorts of cake shops and supermarkets and exhausted all available options open to you. You may start to believe it’s even hard to find a quality cake!


That’s why you need Scrumpton’s- we have one very simple focus when making a cake, that’s to make it the centre piece of any occasion. Here’s how we achieve just that.   



 Cakes for every sort of occasion within Cardiff 



If you’re shopping around for something a little bit different from the norm, but quality is a priority then why not think about ordering from Scrumptons?


Everything from Frozen cakes right through to basket ball cakes there’s a huge choice to choose from. 


However there is one thing that unites all of our cakes, that is the quality of the ingredients.


We think what can let some cakes down is there rather cheap ingredients that are all too often used within the cake production. Therefore we offer an assortment of cake fillings, which all have quality in mind.


So whether you want a gluten free birthday cake, or a chocolate flavoured graduation cake, we can help you.


We employ master bakers who are skilled at offering detailed cake decoration. Our birthday cakes are therefore simply exceptional.


  Wedding cakes through to Birthday cakes 


We regularly have repeat business from our customers within Cardiff. This means that we can make a birthday cake one year for a customer, and then the following year be making a detailed wedding cake for the same customer.


We therefore make cakes for every sort of occasion within Cardiff, we can cover the full spectrum of celebrations.


Also our cakes offer true value for money, that’s when you consider the time and craft that goes into every single one. 


 Free delivery within Cardiff on all cakes! 


If you are in a rush to get a birthday cake or wedding cake idea sorted on time fear not- that’s because we can offer free delivery on all our cakes.


All our cakes are made to order, so as long as we have sufficient notice we can bake a beautiful cake just for you.  


  High quality cakes of distinction 


We only use the finest of ingredients. We also use only skilled hands to prepare our cakes. So whether you order a birthday cake, or an anniversary cake we can help you.



Our cakes are all baked and decorated within Cardiff. This means we can deliver our cakes when they are at there freshest.


  High quality ingredients 


Only the finest of ingredients make it into all our cakes. We carefully vet our suppliers, this is to ensure that our cakes taste as fresh as possible. We also go to great lengths to ensure that the taste of cakes look as good as the external cake decoration.


  Cardiff cakes that are simply different 


So what ever the celebration you have planned in Cardiff, whether be a birthday or a graduation we will have the cakes for you. 

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