Birthday cakes that defy the status quo!


Fine birthday cakes Cardiff 



Birthday cakes can most certainly be worlds apart in terms of overall quality.


Some can be rather tasty, but at the same time rather boring looking, some visually attractive but sometimes tasteless!


This puts a cake buyer in a bit of a predicament, yet do not worry yourself about this too much, that’s because we have the perfect solution!  


Scrumptons cakes offer quality, this is achieved through the intricate detailing of the cake to a level you will have never seen before. Some may even say our cakes are a true show stopper, a head turner, and will certainly be a centre piece of any party celebration!   


Therefore if you are looking for a Cardiff birthday cake come to Scrumptons, the one stop shop for quality birthday cakes.  



 Birthday cakes 


We go to great lengths to make sure our cakes are as realistic as they possibly can be. We research our cakes designs and believe us this takes painstaking research.


Our drafting stage means mass sketching of cakes, prototypes also take great perseverance to create.


The final creation however is truly spectacular. When we can stand back and say that’s just the look we are after we then offer this style of cake on our Scrumptons website.  


Once we are happy we make the prototypes, we bring what we have planned to life.  


This means cat cakes that look like there about to leap off a table and our dinosaur cakes that look like they could actually roar at a birthday party.


So if you are looking for a birthday cake that is realistic choose Scrumptons.


 Birthday cakes you will not find anywhere else within Cardiff 


We have all done it, that’s leaving buying the birthday cake right up until the very last second.


The choice in this situation can sometimes be dire. For example some cakes just look like they are meant to complement a cup of tea, not therefore meant for a special occasion.


This is where Scrumptons has found its own market niche within Wales. We offer cakes that have put together with attention to detail, these are the sort’s of cakes you will not find anywhere else.


Delivered for free


All of our birthday cakes can be delivered for free. So why not order your next birthday cake in Cardiff from us?  


We can drop off a dinosaur cake in Cyncoed Cardiff, or a graduation cake in Roath, we cover the whole area and all delivered for absolutely free!


You may be asking why do you deliver your birthday cakes for free? The answer to this is simple, we want to see your reaction. Sometimes our master bakers pop out of the kitchen just to get some gratification as to how well received our birthday cakes actually are.


Whether it is a football cake for your son’s birthday party, or a handbag cake for Karen at work, we will have the cake to put a smile on your face.








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