A celebration is not the same without a Scrumptons cake!

  Cake making & baking perfection 






Quite often the sorts of cakes that can be bought directly off the shelf can be rather uninspiring.   


This often means party planner’s right across Cardiff quickly search for local alternatives.   


But don’t worry if you feel that you can’t find the cake you want on the high street, why not consider Scrumptons?   


We believe we design and make some of the most beautiful and tasty cakes in Cardiff.


We produce the following cakes:


  • Birthday cakes
  • Animal and movie themed cakes
  • Celebration cakes
  • Alternative wedding cakes
  • Corporate cakes
  • Halloween and other special occasion cakes


Here is a taste of why our cakes are so popular    



  Birthday cakes through to corporate cakes…we offer it all 


We are the experts when it comes to special celebration cakes. Every cake we sell has a totally different shape and design. Thanks to our cake designers we produce new innovative cake designs every month.


So if you are fed up with your options being limited to just cake base sizes, number of tiers, then turn to Scrumptons for more choice.


We make cakes that look like the real deal, the reactions from your family and friends will be priceless.  



 Corporate cakes 


Corporate cakes need to reinforce a positive business image. However boring cakes with a splodge of icing are not worth shouting about.


This is why many people choose Scrumptons for their corporate functions. Our cakes will be a true conversation starter at any venue.


 Graduation cakes 


Cardiff has a very strong reputation as a city which has internationally recognised universities.  


All of that studying, exam stress and effort needs to be recognised by an extra ordinary cake!


That’s why our cake designers have been busy, we have a range of truly special graduation cakes.


All have a distinctive Scrumptons design and the detailing that keeps our cake makers pretty busy! 


Why not mark such a special occasion with one of our special graduation cakes?


Our graduation cakes are expertly made and decorated, these cakes can used to enhance the sense of occasion.


 Special occasion cakes 


Sometimes your celebration does not fall neatly into a set category of any particular special occasion. For example congratulations cakes can be used for thousands of different reasons. This is why so many people choose Scrumptons because our novelty cakes can be used for all sorts of occasions.  


So this is why our cakes are sometimes aimed at a particular occasion, while others can be used to celebrate anything that you like. So from birthday cakes, to cakes that any be used for any occasion, we will have the perfect cake for you.


 Mother’s day, Father’s day and Valentines day cakes…


We also offer cakes that some other bakers do not offer. For example we offer a range of mother’s day cakes, father’s day cakes and also very detailed Valentines Day cakes.


All of our cakes can be delivered in Cardiff for absolutely free. So what ever type of cake you require we can help you. 

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