Birthday cakes galore!


Whether you are choosing a birthday cake for someone at work, or alternatively for a children’s birthday party, why not opt for a Scrumpton’s cake?  


From Frozen birthday cakes, right through to realistic cat cakes, we will have what you need to make your celebration that extra bit special within Cardiff.


Within this article we are going answer some of the commonly asked questions we often get asked regarding our birthday cake selection.


What type’s of birthday cakes do you bake and make in Cardiff? 


We make all sorts of birthday cakes, ranging from the familiar such the large number cakes, right through to the more unusual like our tiger cakes!


We therefore cover cake trends that are popular right now, such as cartoon character cakes, such as our superb Frozen cakes!


We also offer cakes which are suitable for all age ranges, for example do you have a friend who worships fashion? Then why not spoil your friend with a hand bag and champagne bottle cake?


  How much does it cost to have a cake delivered? 


We deliver our birthday cakes within the Cardiff areas for free.


We also deliver all our cakes free of charge to areas that surround Cardiff like Penarth, and the Vale of Glamorgan.


  Can you personalise cakes and how much will this cost? 


We can personalise all of our cakes free of charge. We often add names and an age to birthday cakes so that they have that personal touch.


Our birthday cakes are also that touch more personal, that’s because of the range of cakes that we offer for our customers to choose from. At Scrumpton’s we believe there should be more range and choice than just plain white icing cakes.


For example, you may have a child who loves the film Frozen, well we have just the birthday cake that will be right for you.


Perhaps you have a child that loves rugby or football, well we have a very realistic set of cakes for such a birthday occasion as well.


  What makes your birthday cakes so different?  


Well simply put it’s down to the detailing of our cakes. It is very hard to match a Scrumptons cake simply because of the quality and the intricate detailing.    


Boring birthday cakes with plain icing and a name scribbled over them have become the industry standard- however we are raising the bar much higher.


Scrumptons cakes have a real sense of craft about them, we put passion into each and every cake that we make.


Whether it be the detailing of our handbag cakes, or the level of detail applied to our cat cakes, you will simply be impressed by the Scrumptons experience.


 Scrumpton’s cakes are renowned for their quality but what else actually defines your cakes? 




We do go to great lengths to ensure our cakes taste just great. We only use the finest of ingredients whether it be within our chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, or a gluten free option you choose we will have the cake that’s right for you.


The taste of our cakes is second to none. 




A Scrumtons cakes will have had much time spent pouring over the finer details. We make sure that our cakes are simply a work of art.




When you purchase a Scrumptons cake within Cardiff, you are purchasing also an experience. Whether it be a focal talking point at a business lunch, or instead a realistic animal cake for a birthday party we will have just the right option for you.

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