Searching for a gluten free cake?


If you are on the quest for locating a gluten free cake then we can help you within Cardiff.  


We don’t think that a wheat intolerance should stand in the way of one of our scrumptious cakes! This is why all of our cake’s can be made gluten free and at no extra charge.


  What makes Scrumptons cake’s so different? 


Apart from having the option of being gluten free our cake’s also have other distinctive differences.


Whether it be the level of intricate detailing on the icing, or the actual fresh tasting ingredients, Scrumptons sure make scrumptious cakes!  




Our cakes are very intricate indeed, expertly baked, and lovingly made, we think this is what makes the world of difference.




We allow for cake options that allow for the cake to be made more personal for the recipient. We can add a name and a birthday age to any cake.  


  Cakes for any occasion, from birthday cakes, right through to corporate cakes!  

You may be hosting a PR or a business event within Cardiff, or simply presenting your cake to a colleague at work, in which case you may be thinking about presenting a gluten free cake.


This way just in case somebody has an undisclosed food allergy you are still safe in the knowledge that your cake is gluten free.


  Does a gluten free cake mean less taste? 


We are frequently asked by our customers, especially when ordering our birthday cakes, whether the gluten free cakes have less taste.  This is not the case with our gluten free cakes.


That is because our cakes are fresh, baked only when they are ordered within Cardiff. This mean’s our cake mixtures are only created when an order is placed.


This means no stale cakes, or cake mixtures that have nasty additives to make their shelf life last longer.


  Is your gluten free option only offered on certain cakes? 


No, so whether you want a corporate cake, birthday cake, or a celebration cake of any type of style we can make the mixture from gluten free ingredients.


We bake our cakes just before they are due to be delivered, this ensures a fresh cake every time.


We can also deliver our cakes within Cardiff area’s for free. This means you can receive a birthday cake or any sort of personalised cake when you need one. So whether you live in Pontcanna or on the other side of Cardiff in Roath, we can deliver a cake to you for free.


  Can you personalise a gluten free cake? 


We offer our birthday cakes with the same options as our ordinary cakes. That is we can personalise cakes that are made from wheat free ingredients or sometimes referred to as coeliac cakes by some of our customers.


So if you need a cake personalised to carry a message of your choice we can help you with that.


 What gluten free cakes are most frequently ordered at Scrumptons?  


Corporate cakes and birthday cakes are most frequently ordered as a gluten free option.   


So whether you need a cake delivered to your business or home we can help.  

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