Have you got an important business event happening in Cardiff any time soon?

  Corporate Cake’s Cardiff 



Most business owners will have recognised that a business event can also double as a PR and business marketing exercise. This is the reason why so many Scrumptons cakes are used for business events right across Cardiff.


Our stunning cakes can also be used to foster closer business relations, that’s because our corporate cakes are often sent as birthday or celebration gifts.


Businesses throughout Cardiff regularly tweet, share, and comment about our cakes on social media.


So our cakes are a great way of promoting any business event. So if you need an extra special corporate cake to be delivered to any event why not choose a delicious Scrumptons cake?   


We can make the following types of cakes for business functions:


  • Celebration champagne styled cakes
  • Birthday cakes for employees
  • Novelty cakes

  Cakes that truly make a statement!  


Whether you are holding a party to celebrate the number of year’s passed in business, or simply looking to congratulate a top performing staff member, we will have the cake that’s right for you.  


Why not use our cakes as a PR exercise? This could be achieved by sending our novelty cakes to a company of your choice. This could be to celebrate a business deal or somebody’s birthday for example.


  Corporate cakes made with a difference 


We have all seen the obligatory white icing cakes, well let’s face it they can be rather boring.


For your own corporate event you will need something a little bit more exciting, something that packs that all important wow factor.


Your business may even be hosting a networking event, in which case why not think about using one of our cakes for the event? Scrumptons cakes are a true conversation starter for any business venue.


Scrumpton’s cakes are different from some other personalised cakes that you may have already seen in the past. That’s because the level of detail is simply second to none, frequently we hear our customers say “how on earth did they manage to make that!”


 Make a lasting business impression 


We all know that in today’s fast paced competitive world we all need something that allows us to standout in business- simply put we need something that is memorable.


Well what’s more memorable than a hand crafted cake topped off with a personalised message?


We can arrange for a special personalised Scrumptons cake to be made and delivered within Cardiff.


Perhaps you know of a director who is having a birthday bash soon? Alternatively you may have an employee who is leaving your company, well why not think about marking the occasion with one of our personalised cakes?  


  Cheap cakes can leave a cheap impression 


Cakes can help define a business event, a cheap looking cake may not bode well with the business clients that you are looking to impress.  


So why not instead have a real show stopper of a cake? Why not choose a corporate cake that as soon as you walk within the room it demands your attention?  


Scrumpton’s can help you to achieve this, our personalised cakes are all hand crafted, there’s no mass-produced unloved cakes made by us.


We instead offer exceptional standards of skill and attention to detail applied to all of our personalised cakes.  


  Corporate cakes without the silly price tags


Approaching some high street cake bakers may mean that your requirements are listened to but you may still receive a rather ordinary bland white icing cake.


When you invest in a Scrumpton’s cake however you will receive a cake that will be  truly different. A cake of quality on the inside, but also a beautifully hand crafted  cake on the outside.


  Cake’s that you will remember forever 


Here are some of our most popular corporate cakes that are regularly chosen within Cardiff, South Wales.


  A Scrumptons number cake  

Numbers can define anything that you like, a birthday age, or even the number of year’s that you have been in business for.  


So why not show your competitors within South Wales how long you have been trusted and respected in business for, with a number cake?  


Top this off with a personalised message and you will truly have a beautifully designed cake that will make a true marketing statement.


Our cakes are regularly added to social media, so they make for a great business marketing tool for people to discuss on social media accounts.


Here are some great examples of our corporate cakes that are on offer:


  Car cakes 


Car cakes are great for any birthday celebration or simply for making a statement.


Why not buy one for the boss or a top performing employee this year?


One of our personalised car cakes will be great for celebrating that all important occasion.


Quite possibly you will have a top seller within your business, or perhaps an employee who need’s recognition for their hard work? Well why not achieve this through sending a car cake made by Scrumptons?


  Car cake example’s   

 Champagne bottle and handbag  


Why not celebrate a colleague’s birthday with a special handbag and champagne cake instead?


To summarise we can make a corporate cake for any company occasion. Why not browse all of our cakes on offer? We offer free cake delivery within the Cardiff areas as well.



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