Why are our cakes so good?

  Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, graduation cakes we will have the perfect cake for you! 



Some people may say “a cake is a cake”, others on the other hand will recognise that cakes can be worlds apart in terms of quality.


The mass produced cakes often can make an occasion feel dull and mainstream.


However an exciting cake, a cake that’s obviously had skill applied to it’s creation, well that can set the tone of any occasion within Cardiff.


Scrumptons makes cakes for birthdays, corporate bashes and every type of celebration within Wales.


So whether you are throwing a birthday bash, or thinking about buying a graduation cake, always think Scrumptons.


Unique designs


Scrumptons research cakes design down to the most minuscule of details.


This effort may go largely unnoticed, but at Scrumptons we believe detail is what separates us from the crowd.


So at a birthday party you may want a birthday cake that is simply impressive. Also at a corporate function you may want a cake that is a talking point, we can make this happen.


Our cakes are researched, sculpted, and baked to absolute perfection within Cardiff.


We have passion for well designed and tasty cakes


Making cakes at Scrumptons is truly a passion. We go to great lengths to make sure we bring you the most up to date designs that we can find.


Whether that be a Frozen birthday cake or a Harry Potter cake, we will have the perfect celebration cake for you.


We make all our cakes with great passion and skill, this is telling in the design and also in the quality of the ingredients.


Master bakers

When it comes to ordering a high quality birthday cake you will want a baker who has the necessary skills to offer a highly detailed cake.


We have huge amounts of cake making talent in Cardiff at our disposal, we therefore make cakes which are of outstanding quality.


We take the time to get it right


If it’s not perfect then quite simply it doesn’t make it for sale. We therefore offer only the highest quality cakes.


We research cake designs, and many do not make it into final production. Therefore our birthday cakes and other celebration cakes have large amounts of time spent over making them as detailed as possible.


We therefore only make the finest of birthday cakes.


Why our cakes take centre stage


Our cakes take centre stage at any occasion, whether that be at a birthday party or a corporate function.


Therefore our cakes are selected in Cardiff because they will become the focal point of any occasion.



Did we mention we offer free local delivery?


We offer free delivery for all our cakes within Cardiff. This means that if you need a cake delivered to an office or home then no problem.


How do I know which birthday cake to choose?

  Quality birthday cakes 


Parents today have a difficult job on their hands, that’s when it comes to selecting a cake for their child’s birthday party. There is a lot of choice, but in terms of choosing something of quality, well the choice can be limited.  


Nobody wants to receive a run of the mill cake at their birthday, a cake that doesn’t enhance the sense of occasion. 


Scrumptons are all about making birthday celebrations extra special. We do this by making birthday cakes which are totally different from the sorts of cakes that you are able to purchase off the shelf.


Our cakes are heavily detailed, that’s to the extent you may even think the cake is not actually a cake! For example our car cakes, hand bag cakes, and movie themed cakes are all so realistic.


Here’s how Scrumptons can make your birthday celebration even more special within Cardiff. It’s also worth remembering all our birthday cakes can be delivered for absolutely free within the Cardiff areas.


  Boy’s birthday cakes


If you are scouring the supermarket shelves for a boy’s birthday cake, but just can’t seem to find what you are after, then why not consider Scrumptons? We stock a totally different range of cakes than what’s available on the high street.    


Here is selection of cakes for birthday occasions.  


Sports birthday themed cakes


You may have a football fan or rubgy lover within the family. We have a number of sport’s themed cakes for you to choose from.


All come with various flavours and have been expertly decorated. We employ skilled bakers who ensure that the cake tastes as good as it looks. For a Cardiff birthday cake therefore we are the one stop shop.


Movie themed birthday cakes


We also make and bake movie themed cakes. Our speciality movie styled cakes are our Yoda cakes and our Darth Vader cakes, perfect for all age ranges.


Our movie cakes are very popular birthday cake option. So we say Let the force be with you through one of movie themed birthday cakes which can be quickly despatched across Cardiff. 


So if you have a movie fan in the family, why not consider Scrumptons?


Car birthday cakes


Most boys’ love fast cars, it’s true to say that this one stage within our life that we will never grow out from neither.


We have all seen some car cakes, roughly assembled to look like a car shapes of sorts, some people may say these can look rather basic. These sorts of bland cakes are worlds apart from a Scrumptons cake. Our cakes aim to look just like the real thing.


So whether you looking to present a car birthday cake at a child’s birthday party, or to impress the boss with a car cake, we can always offer something truly special.



  Girl’s birthday cakes 


Buying a birthday cake for a girl can sometimes be a difficult task, that’s because sometimes the choice in the supermarkets can sometimes be limited. You may find the choice on offer does not mean you can buy a birthday cake that will appeal to what your daughter would like.


The choice therefore normally just consists of plain cakes, or cakes that feature a cartoon character that the child simply does not like. This is the dilemma some parents face when they leave birthday cake purchases to the very last second.


Thankfully we can help you if you live within Cardiff.


Therefore many people are turning to us as personalised cake makers who can offer something different.


Scrumptons makes a wide variety of cakes when it comes to birthday cakes. We also offer to deliver for free within Cardiff, South Wales.


Handbag cakes


Scrumpton’s are becoming well known for our handbag styled cakes. You may have even seen these cakes on social media.


Frequently used to surprise friends at work, or to buy for someone’s birthday party who wants something a bit different, our handbag cakes are sure to make a good impression.




Movie themed cakes


Scrumptons also has a growing reputation of putting our own twist on movie themed birthday cakes.


So if you have a Harry Potter fan or a Star Wars film fanatic in the family we will have the prefect birthday cake for you.


Animal themed cakes


Animal cakes are simply great, that’s because they can be bought for all age ranges, both old and young. This probably explains why they are so popular.


So if you have a rabbit lover or a cat lover why not think about sending one these special cakes this year? 


  Cardiff birthday cakes 


Cardiff is a city that is definitely changing its attitude to birthday cakes in the same way some other major cities are.


That is people are no longer content with buying the same forms of cakes year in year out. People want to make an occasion as special as it can be and as personalised as they possibly can make the occasion.


That is why so many people in Cardiff choose Scrumptons for their birthday cakes.


  Personalised cakes 


Scrumptons can also personalise our birthday cakes. So whether you want a persons name or age applied to a cake we can do this for you, free of charge.

Birthday cakes that defy the status quo!


Fine birthday cakes Cardiff 



Birthday cakes can most certainly be worlds apart in terms of overall quality.


Some can be rather tasty, but at the same time rather boring looking, some visually attractive but sometimes tasteless!


This puts a cake buyer in a bit of a predicament, yet do not worry yourself about this too much, that’s because we have the perfect solution!  


Scrumptons cakes offer quality, this is achieved through the intricate detailing of the cake to a level you will have never seen before. Some may even say our cakes are a true show stopper, a head turner, and will certainly be a centre piece of any party celebration!   


Therefore if you are looking for a Cardiff birthday cake come to Scrumptons, the one stop shop for quality birthday cakes.  



 Birthday cakes 


We go to great lengths to make sure our cakes are as realistic as they possibly can be. We research our cakes designs and believe us this takes painstaking research.


Our drafting stage means mass sketching of cakes, prototypes also take great perseverance to create.


The final creation however is truly spectacular. When we can stand back and say that’s just the look we are after we then offer this style of cake on our Scrumptons website.  


Once we are happy we make the prototypes, we bring what we have planned to life.  


This means cat cakes that look like there about to leap off a table and our dinosaur cakes that look like they could actually roar at a birthday party.


So if you are looking for a birthday cake that is realistic choose Scrumptons.


 Birthday cakes you will not find anywhere else within Cardiff 


We have all done it, that’s leaving buying the birthday cake right up until the very last second.


The choice in this situation can sometimes be dire. For example some cakes just look like they are meant to complement a cup of tea, not therefore meant for a special occasion.


This is where Scrumptons has found its own market niche within Wales. We offer cakes that have put together with attention to detail, these are the sort’s of cakes you will not find anywhere else.


Delivered for free


All of our birthday cakes can be delivered for free. So why not order your next birthday cake in Cardiff from us?  


We can drop off a dinosaur cake in Cyncoed Cardiff, or a graduation cake in Roath, we cover the whole area and all delivered for absolutely free!


You may be asking why do you deliver your birthday cakes for free? The answer to this is simple, we want to see your reaction. Sometimes our master bakers pop out of the kitchen just to get some gratification as to how well received our birthday cakes actually are.


Whether it is a football cake for your son’s birthday party, or a handbag cake for Karen at work, we will have the cake to put a smile on your face.








How do you get Scrumptons birthday cakes so detailed?


Birthday cakes can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, some rather beautiful, and some could even be thought of as works of art! That’s exactly how we like to view our cakes, as more than just cakes, this is so that we can amaze the recipient.


We at Scrumptons are simply a very skilled bunch, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet too loudly we would like to note, however on this occasion it only seems right to explain how we achieve such fantastic detailing on our cakes.


It’s all in the cake craft knowledge


Imagine how much profit is made on the bog standard white icing cakes, that are mass produced. Exactly quite a lot! These sorts of cakes are often made from cheap ingredients and say very little when presented at any birthday party.  


That is the baker may make the same shape cake for every occasion!


A Scrumptons cake is very different, the detailing that needs to be applied to every aspect needs to be truly exceptional. Simply put if our cake doesn’t look spot on then its back to the drawing board for us.


So it’s all in the craft and the skill of the baker, we therefore see our cake designers as artists, and every cake is a work of art which is destined for a birthday party someone in Cardiff.


They may end up in Pontcanna for a children’s party or Cyncoed for someone’s 70th birthday party. Our cakes therefore are brilliant for any sort of special occasion.


Our research is simply pain staking


Our cake designers conduct pain staking research to make sure our birthday cakes come to life at any party.  


So whether it’s a Frozen cake or a rabbit cake, we aim to make sure our cakes are as realistic as they possibly can be.


We achieve this by firstly designing the cake through prototypes. This involves sketches and research of the real object.  


Then it’s a process of trial and error while we put together what we have designed. This is often where our cake designers have to work overtime!


The results are worth it, if you compare what we produce to what’s available else where we believe there’s nothing like what we do available in Wales. Best of all because we deliver within Cardiff we also get to see your look of amazement, and that’s what drives Scrumptons forwards.


Only the best will ever do


Old fashioned sayings used to state “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly”- therefore stating that no half baked attempts (pardon the pun) will suffice at Scrumptons.


We also hate cakes that look the part, yet on first bite taste rather horrid.  


This is why so many choose Scrumptons because quality counts here. After all you’re only a certain age once, so mark the occasion with a low quality cake?  


Fresh cakes are simply better


The cake filling must be fresh, we ensure this because our cakes are only baked a day before they are due to be despatched.


Some corporate cakes, birthday cakes, and other sorts of cakes are made in batches by some Cardiff bakers a number of days before they are due to be sent. This produces dry cakes that have past their best. 


We use only the freshest cake ingredients, and we make sure we leave making your cake as close to the special day as possible.


We deliver for free within Cardiff


When you are organising a party there will probably be a thousand other things to consider. Therefore to help you when you need a birthday cake within Cardiff we can even deliver for free. 

Do you need a high quality cake for a corporate function?

 Corporate cakes Cardiff 



Some offices and work places can literally operate like family units. That is to say if one colleague is celebrating a special occasion then undoubtedly others will want to join in the celebration.  


Whether someone’s starting a new job, or somebody has had a promotion why not mark the occasion with a Scrumptons cake?


So if you are on the hunt for a corporate cake within Cardiff then look no further!


We have a vast range of corporate cakes, ideal for workplace birthdays, congratulations cakes and all other forms of corporate functions.  


Here’s how our corporate cakes are commonly used:


  • Birthday cakes
  • Retirement celebrations
  • Congratulations cakes for a wedding, new born child, job promotion
  • Corporate functions
  • Christmas party cakes


  Personalised corporate cakes 


When someone buys a cake last minute this can often mean the cake is not that special. That’s why so many people are purchasing high quality custom made cakes instead from us.  


Celebrating just being in business


Nothing sends out a stronger corporate message to your competitors than a corporate cake stating how long you have been in business.


Why not send the message loud and clear through one of our corporate cakes?


We offer cakes that can be personalised with a number to state how long you have been in business for.


Birthday cakes with a twist

You may have someone hitting a milestone in terms of their age at work. If you know someone celebrating an extra special birthday like their 40th birthday or 50th birthday then why not mark the occasion with one of our birthday cakes?  


The plain and rather simple white icing cakes will not do the day justice at all.


Why not therefore choose a cake that reflects the person’s personality, perhaps a cat cake, or a handbag and a champagne cake will be the right choice for you?


Rabbit or cat cakes


Cardiff is awash with animal lovers, you may know just the person within work for one of our special animal cakes. Our birthday cakes therefore make the day even more memorable.


Quite often offices across Cardiff are choosing Scrumptons rabbit or cat cakes to give to an animal lover at work.


Our cakes have realistic detailing and may look like you have brought a real pet to work!


Free delivery within Cardiff


If you are looking for a bakery which can deliver their cakes on time and delivered for free then look no further than Scrumptons.






Cakes for every sort of occasion

  From birthday cakes right through to graduation cakes! 


Some bakers specialise in wedding cakes, others may specialise in birthday cake designs, however Scrumptons specialise in a wide range of cakes.    


This means if you have a corporate bash coming up soon, or you are looking for children’s birthday cakes we will be sure to have the perfect solution for you.    


Shopping around for a cake that is special can be quite a difficult task. You may have tried all the normal sorts of cake shops and supermarkets and exhausted all available options open to you. You may start to believe it’s even hard to find a quality cake!


That’s why you need Scrumpton’s- we have one very simple focus when making a cake, that’s to make it the centre piece of any occasion. Here’s how we achieve just that.   



 Cakes for every sort of occasion within Cardiff 



If you’re shopping around for something a little bit different from the norm, but quality is a priority then why not think about ordering from Scrumptons?


Everything from Frozen cakes right through to basket ball cakes there’s a huge choice to choose from. 


However there is one thing that unites all of our cakes, that is the quality of the ingredients.


We think what can let some cakes down is there rather cheap ingredients that are all too often used within the cake production. Therefore we offer an assortment of cake fillings, which all have quality in mind.


So whether you want a gluten free birthday cake, or a chocolate flavoured graduation cake, we can help you.


We employ master bakers who are skilled at offering detailed cake decoration. Our birthday cakes are therefore simply exceptional.


  Wedding cakes through to Birthday cakes 


We regularly have repeat business from our customers within Cardiff. This means that we can make a birthday cake one year for a customer, and then the following year be making a detailed wedding cake for the same customer.


We therefore make cakes for every sort of occasion within Cardiff, we can cover the full spectrum of celebrations.


Also our cakes offer true value for money, that’s when you consider the time and craft that goes into every single one. 


 Free delivery within Cardiff on all cakes! 


If you are in a rush to get a birthday cake or wedding cake idea sorted on time fear not- that’s because we can offer free delivery on all our cakes.


All our cakes are made to order, so as long as we have sufficient notice we can bake a beautiful cake just for you.  


  High quality cakes of distinction 


We only use the finest of ingredients. We also use only skilled hands to prepare our cakes. So whether you order a birthday cake, or an anniversary cake we can help you.



Our cakes are all baked and decorated within Cardiff. This means we can deliver our cakes when they are at there freshest.


  High quality ingredients 


Only the finest of ingredients make it into all our cakes. We carefully vet our suppliers, this is to ensure that our cakes taste as fresh as possible. We also go to great lengths to ensure that the taste of cakes look as good as the external cake decoration.


  Cardiff cakes that are simply different 


So what ever the celebration you have planned in Cardiff, whether be a birthday or a graduation we will have the cakes for you. 

A celebration is not the same without a Scrumptons cake!

  Cake making & baking perfection 






Quite often the sorts of cakes that can be bought directly off the shelf can be rather uninspiring.   


This often means party planner’s right across Cardiff quickly search for local alternatives.   


But don’t worry if you feel that you can’t find the cake you want on the high street, why not consider Scrumptons?   


We believe we design and make some of the most beautiful and tasty cakes in Cardiff.


We produce the following cakes:


  • Birthday cakes
  • Animal and movie themed cakes
  • Celebration cakes
  • Alternative wedding cakes
  • Corporate cakes
  • Halloween and other special occasion cakes


Here is a taste of why our cakes are so popular    



  Birthday cakes through to corporate cakes…we offer it all 


We are the experts when it comes to special celebration cakes. Every cake we sell has a totally different shape and design. Thanks to our cake designers we produce new innovative cake designs every month.


So if you are fed up with your options being limited to just cake base sizes, number of tiers, then turn to Scrumptons for more choice.


We make cakes that look like the real deal, the reactions from your family and friends will be priceless.  



 Corporate cakes 


Corporate cakes need to reinforce a positive business image. However boring cakes with a splodge of icing are not worth shouting about.


This is why many people choose Scrumptons for their corporate functions. Our cakes will be a true conversation starter at any venue.


 Graduation cakes 


Cardiff has a very strong reputation as a city which has internationally recognised universities.  


All of that studying, exam stress and effort needs to be recognised by an extra ordinary cake!


That’s why our cake designers have been busy, we have a range of truly special graduation cakes.


All have a distinctive Scrumptons design and the detailing that keeps our cake makers pretty busy! 


Why not mark such a special occasion with one of our special graduation cakes?


Our graduation cakes are expertly made and decorated, these cakes can used to enhance the sense of occasion.


 Special occasion cakes 


Sometimes your celebration does not fall neatly into a set category of any particular special occasion. For example congratulations cakes can be used for thousands of different reasons. This is why so many people choose Scrumptons because our novelty cakes can be used for all sorts of occasions.  


So this is why our cakes are sometimes aimed at a particular occasion, while others can be used to celebrate anything that you like. So from birthday cakes, to cakes that any be used for any occasion, we will have the perfect cake for you.


 Mother’s day, Father’s day and Valentines day cakes…


We also offer cakes that some other bakers do not offer. For example we offer a range of mother’s day cakes, father’s day cakes and also very detailed Valentines Day cakes.


All of our cakes can be delivered in Cardiff for absolutely free. So what ever type of cake you require we can help you. 

We are Liberating Cardiff from boring birthday cakes!

  Birthday cakes Cardiff


We have all experienced this situation, that’s when it’s the day of an important birthday celebration and we have left buying the birthday cakes right up until the very last moment.


This can only mean one thing, a frantic dash to the local shop, swiftly followed by a run around the shop like you’re a participant of supermarket sweep!   


When you do finally rock up at the birthday cake section you may then quickly discover the birthday cake options can lack variety.  


Thankfully Scrumptons can come to your rescue! We can offer you more quality focused options.  


We are specialists at making:


  • Birthday cakes
  • Alternative wedding cakes
  • Celebration cakes
  • Graduation cakes
  • Cakes for any type of occasion


We are liberating Cardiff from boring and what can be rather dull birthday cakes, and offering you more choice.   


Here’s a sample just to tantalise your taste buds.



  Quality birthday cakes 


We have all been to a birthday celebrations and the same types of birthday cakes have been presented again and again. This often means just a squiggly bit of icing to mark out an age and a name is placed on top of the birthday cake.


We offer however an alternative to these sorts of boring birthday cakes, we offer birthday cakes that are much more impressive. Take for example our dinosaur cakes they look like they could roar into life, or our handbag cakes also look like they could be worn on a night out!


Here’s why our Scrumptons cakes are different


  • Baked in Cardiff with love and passion    


Birthday cakes can sometimes be rather boring, that’s because they are often created in rather boring environments, like certain cake factories.


Mass produced and lacking in taste, we must ask are these really the cakes to send to a loved one?  


Scrumptons cakes are different however, all our cakes are made specially to order.


We pay careful attention to detail, this is in order to bring you outstanding detail on every cake that we make.    


You may even hear, “mum is this really a cake? It looks so real!” Well hey presto, we have created something different, dare we say it something truly memorable. 



  Boys birthday cakes


Buying a birthday cake for a boy’s birthday party often means parents are forced into one of two options. These options normally consist of a number cake, or a football cake.


The options are therefore rather limited when it comes to boy’s birthday cakes.


However we aim to overwhelm you with choice when you visit Scrumptons website.


That is why when having a gander at our site you may spot a cake that fits just what your son likes.


Perhaps it will be a Yoda cake or a car birthday cake, or just a number cake. The choice is limitless when you pick Scrumptons.


  Girls birthday cakes 



Girls will want a birthday cake that makes the day feel even more magical. The finer details of a birthday party are often what children remember the most. Our cakes are so memorable and special, that we hope that a number of year’s on from receiving our cake your child recalls our cake with a fond memories.  


So whether you pick a handbag cake, a realistic rabbit cake, or indeed a Frozen cake we will have the perfect cake that will amaze your daughter or family member this year.  


Pick our realistic birthday cakes for an extra special birthday cake this year. 



  Looking for a personalised birthday cake? 


Scrumptons ensures that when you present a birthday cake, it’s something truly special.


We also offer to deliver anywhere within Cardiff for absolutely free, so we make it easier for you to plan the other parts of the birthday celebrations.



  Birthday cakes but with a difference! 


As you can now gather our cakes are very different from the norm, so whether it’s a birthday cake that is needed for someone for an office party, or for your child’s birthday we will have the perfect cake for you.

Girls Birthday cakes

Finding a birthday cake that meets your requirements can sometimes seem a difficult process.


More and more people are looking at the finer details of any birthday party to make sure its extra special. Scrumptons can make this happen through our delicious and well designed cakes.


This article has been put together to give you some idea’s of the kinds of the cakes we can make for our Cardiff customers.  


  Character cakes 


Whether you would like a Frozen birthday cake or a designer handbag cake we can help you.  |

At Scrumpton’s we regularly get asked to bake and design character cakes. We also regularly receive feedback from our customer’s stating that they are surprised with the intricate detailing of all our cakes.


Scrumptons cakes are simply different, that’s because they are made by a skilled cake craftsman within Cardiff. This is what makes our birthday cakes so different from the standard birthday cakes that are often on offer.


Bland cakes are sometimes only personalised through a photograph of a cartoon character that is laid over the cakes icing layer. Scrumpton’s cakes are different and much more intricate. A Scrumptons 3D cake has awesome detailing that brings a cartoon character to life.


 Animal cakes


Animal cakes whether it be vanilla, chocolate, or a gluten free option will be great  for any birthday party celebration.


Some animal cakes are offered in some form of resemblance to an animal of choice in terms of a rough outline of say a cat for example. However, a Scrumptons cake is so detailed and intricate it you may even make you question is it alive!


Take a look at our cat cakes for a life like moggy cake.  


We also bake and design a Hello Kitty cakes.  


  Birthday celebration cakes 


Sometimes our customers require a traditional birthday cakes and love the fact that more quality ingredients are always used within our cakes.


Cake’s which have had ingredients added to increase there shelf life are sometimes telling in there taste.


This is why so many customers choose Scrumptons cakes, because our cakes are made just for our customers own order, this makes them very fresh.


Our number cake range is a very popular option, and so is our alternative number cake options as well. These cakes can be used for any age range that appreciate a quality cake.  

  Extra special cakes


Many customers state they would like a cake that is clearly distinguishable from other forms of cakes out there, something that is truly different.


We offer this in our Topsy Turvy cake options.  | Ideal for any birthday celebration and this cake option is also a timeless classic cake.


For something that bit different and for all those fashion lover’s out there why not think about a handbag cake?  


  Free personalisation and delivery


At Scrumptons we like to go the extra mile in all that we do. This often means spending excessive amounts of time debating over which ingredients to use in our cake mixture.  


We offer free personalisation for all our cakes, our customers regularly request a name and an age to be added to their birthday cakes.  


We also deliver our cakes for free also, that’s the Scrumptons way!

Looking for a novelty cake?


Cakes can come in every conceivable shape and size, although what is defintely increasing in popularity across the nation are novelty cakes.


We make cakes that are bit different from the norm here at Scrumptons, so for example we make a snake skin hand bag cakes, which are very popular cake option for us.


When people choose a Scrumptons cake they are looking for that wow factor, something that simply states you have chosen quality.  


Not only are all our cakes delicious through being freshly made to order, but also they can be delivered absolutely free within Cardiff.  


Here are some of our cake options that may take your fancy


  Birthday cakes with a difference 


If you are looking for a birthday cake that makes a statement, well look no further.


How about a Frozen cake? We make two variations, take a look here. | Frozen Elsa cake | | Frozen cake |


For somebody who loves fashion why not think about giving them a handbag and champagne bottle cake? | Champagne bottle cake


We can also just make a handbag cake on it’s own as well, take a look here. | Handbag cake |


It’s worth remembering all of our birthday cakes can be offered gluten free, they can also be delivered in Cardiff for absolutely free!


 Animal cakes for any occasion! 


In the U.K we are a nation of animal lovers. This is why at Scrumpton’s we have made a range of tasty cakes that look like real animals.


Whether it be a cat cake or a tiger cake we will most probably have the perfect cake that will be right for you.


  Puppy cake 


An all time favourite cake at Scrumptons is our puppy cake. Whether you order a vanilla option or a chocolate cake, you will not be disappointed about the quality.


Our puppy cakes can be delivered anywhere within Cardiff for free, so whether as a birthday cake or as a valentines present this is will be the perfect gift.


 Rabbit cake 


A popular option at Scrumptons is our rabbit cakes. These cakes are so detailed they will be sure to amaze anybody at a birthday party.


  Darth Vader cake 


A very popular option is our Darth Vader Cake, a very detailed cake option, that is great for any sci-fi fans out there.


  Harry Potter cake 


We make a very detailed Harry Potter cake, it’s a great way to make any birthday party memorable and special.


  Handbag and Champagne bottle cake 


We can make a handbag and champagne cake ideal for any fashion lovers out there who will really appreciate a real quality cake. 

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